Experience sampling on Android

I’ve started writing a personal informatics application for Android phones to quickly record moods throughout the day, at random intervals – a technique which seems to be called Experience Sampling. It would work well with a service like your.flowing.data, and I’m intending to add support for uploading to something like that soon.

The motivation is to make use of the rich data that comes from a smartphone to allow a bit of objective introspection into our own lives, to find out what actually makes us tick (a la Quantified Self). I’m intending to start with a mood diary, but then try to correlate this with other data streams that can be captured: my location, the weather; data from my bank balance and diary; perhaps diet or exercise habits.

The code is on github if you’re interested. It builds and runs on my HTC Hero now, but it’s pretty basic – when there are a few more features I might give it a proper licence and release it on Market if there’s interest.


5 responses to “Experience sampling on Android

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  2. Hi, I am a doctoral student (Applied Social Psychology) and a research staff member (School of Community & Global Health) at Claremont Graduate University.

    My research group is interested in using android mobile devices for a Context-Aware Experience Sampling Study.
    I am just wondering if you are still working on your project?

    Also wondering if you might shed light on how difficult it might be for a programmer/ app developer type to develop something like this MyExperience tool (http://myexperience.sourceforge.net/) for android.

    • Sarah.

      Thanks for your interest.

      I’ve not been developing mine recently, and it looks like MyExperience is a very long way ahead. It would need to be completely rewritten for Android, which uses a different platform. The MyExperience source code and documentation would provide a good head start though.

    • Hi Sarah,

      I am also a doctoral student in Social Psychology. We are currently using MyExperience, but are also very interested in experience-sampling software that utilizes the android platform. I recall people on the ESP forums submitting a proposal to develop ESP2 for Android, but don’t know much more than that. Have you figured anything out?


  3. Hi Rob,
    Still researching this. Recently found this one developed by a group in the Netherlands “My Pocket Bee” for android 2.1…. I talked to the developer over email, and he said they are close to packaging a release for use by the academic research community (for $$$). You can find a pdf article online at:

    I take it you are currently using MyExperience on windows mobile… how has worked for you guys? Buggy or smooth sailing?

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