Android experience sampling update

I’ve updated the Affect Sampler code on GitHub recently. If you want to play with it, it now has:

  • A downloadable .APK file you can use to install it to your phone
  • A hosted web service you can sync your data to, with a Google account
  • The ability to make graphs of your mood on the phone

You can also export the data from the web service, to load into something like Timetric.

There’s lots more to do on this, but all you Android-toting self-tracking experimentalists can play with it now. Let me know if you do – I’d be happy to hear your thoughts. I’d also be happy to hear from anyone who wanted to use it as a data-gathering platform for experiments in psychology or similar…

(Thanks to @jhugman for his generous feedback!)


2 responses to “Android experience sampling update

  1. Mickey Losinski

    Mr. Moran,

    I am a doctoral student in Special Education and would like to incorporate this into some research projects dealing with self-monitoring. Forgive my ignorance, but I am trying to figure out how to use all of the options as far as syncing to the web etc. Are you still supporting this file?

    Thank you,

    Mickey Losinski

    • Mickey, I haven’t been doing much with it recently, but I’ve dropped you an email to find out more. Ben

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