iTunes U podcasts on Android

In the giant ledger that weighs up the pros and cons of the Internet for humanity, one of the unalloyed virtues is the easy availability of world class lecture series you can watch or hear for free.

(Thank you especially to Stanford, I’ve enjoyed relativity and convex optimization recently, as well as Andrew Ng’s machine learning course.)

Recently I’ve been interested in game theory, but annoyingly the Yale site only gives an iTunes U link like this:

But I don’t have an iPod, do I have to mess around with hulking great mp3 files separately? Ah-ha, no. You can change “Browse” to “Feed” like this in the URL to get an RSS feed:

… which you can subscribe to with Google Listen.

I like to use a URL shortener such as to save me typing all that into my phone, getting it down to


8 responses to “iTunes U podcasts on Android

  1. Epic! great call

  2. Sorry to bother you, but this happens to be the top hit on google. Do you happen to know how one can watch itunes U videos on android? I’ve tried it with FeedScribe but could not get this to work.

    Again, feel free to ignore me.


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  4. @Christian:
    You need a podcatcher, such as gPodder, which is able to download podcast episodes and transfer to the device.
    You can also browse and download directly using the open source viewer for Android:

  5. Bless you!

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  7. Alternatively I can recommend the iTunes U App “TuneSpace” for Android which is available on Google Play:

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