I’m Ben Moran, a software developer and infrastructure engineer living in London, UK. In the past I’ve worked with machine learning in quantitative finance, but I’ve moved on to a job applying computational techniques to reducing carbon footprints – you can find my resume at LinkedIn.

The header image is taken from Dave Griffith’s Fluxus program, under Creative Commons.


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  1. Hi,

    I am a master student at KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Now I am working on my master thesis project on mobile experience sampling. I just found you have done some work related to it, the Android application Affect Sampler.

    I just start my work on it, and also intend to build an Android application for mobile experience sampling. I need to do some research before I dived into it, something related to psychology field probably , such as how participant will be motivated in an experience sampling project.

    You are a pioneer in this field. If you are interest, I would really like to discuss more about it in during my thesis project.


    • Kimi

      Hi – great to hear you are planning to work on this. My app is neither very well developed nor very flexible, but there seems to be a lot of demand from researchers for a proper experience sampling app on Android. I think if you are able to produce a viable framework it will certainly get picked up and used by others in real research. I also think it’s a really good Master’s project: you can work on something minimal but still useful that you can complete in time, and leave the way open for many extension later.

      Have you seen http://myexperience.sourceforge.net/ ? It’s for Windows Mobile, but it seems like a very good place to begin gathering requirements. I’m not sure if that project is considering an Android port, or how realistic that would be, but you could either use it as inspiration or discuss collaboration with them.


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